You have a child? Let's become a great dad!

If you have a child and you are a man, obviously you are a dad! I'm not sure about how would some people might think but as a proud father of my daughter, I really want to be a great dad. Zen Habits, as a father of 6 kids, has written down 12 tips to be a great dad.

How to be a Great Dad - 12 Awesome Tips

1 Put their interests first,
2 Protect them. As a dad,
3 Spend your spare time with them.
4 Give them hugs.
5 Play with them.
6 Do the “mom” stuff.
7 Read to them.
8 Stand by mom.
9 Teach them self-esteem.
10 Teach them about finances.
11 Be good to yourself.
12 Be good to the mom.


Greg said...

I saw your post about dads. I am a New York Times bestselling author working on a new book about father-daughter relationships and thought you might want to contribute. Please visit my page for details about submitting stories for Daddy's Little Girl.

Gregory E. Lang
Author, Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

Brian Park said...

Dear Greg, I would love to contribute to your new book. I will take a look at your page later today and see how I can help.