Scripting in Unix/Linux to make you life easier

If you are a dedicated engineer or in programming, you probably are familiar with unix or linux operating systems. However, not all of you know how to use all the tools to make your life easier.

One of the most useful scripting that I have learned in my career is perl scripting. If you are interested, follow the resource links and learn what it is all about! You can get perl tools if you don't already have one from perl.com. The Perl tutorials are provided by perldoc.perl.org with excellent references.

Another useful tool is Shell/Bash programming. You can refer to shell scripting resources and Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

Again, if you are stuck or out of ideas or need example syntax, you can alway goto Google code search and search for how other people have implemented their codes.

In case, some people who are interested but only have MS-Windows systems. You can take a look at cygwin for unix environmental setting without having to change your operating system. Take a look at Introduction to Cygwin for more details.

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