Google Green for better or worse?

As I have mentioned and covered many times about Google, it is hunger to expand and marching toward the online dominance. We all hope that Google will not make same mistake the Microsoft has made (from all the indicators are showing Google is definitely have different strategy which seems to be working).

I have received the news from downloadsquad
Google goes Green(border) with another acquisition! Go green here does not mean Google is going energy efficient but they have acquired GreenBorder who's niche technology is the isolation of your online internet sessions. This means that whatever you do online, when the browser get closed, all the information will be wiped out. Where do you say this can be helpful? In many places specially when we are living in a world full of viruses, spywares, and adwares. You got it right, they'll no longer have their way into your system via browser!

This is another cool idea that get evolved as new problem arises. Let's hope that Google get these tools better integrated into what they have now and offer them to us for free! Hopefully with not too much advertisements...

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