Microsoft + Yahoo???

Apparently Microsoft is hoping to join with Yahoo in order to overcome Google's dominance in internet related businesses success that Google have shown. According to forbe Microsoft is lagging behind both Google as well as Yahoo by large margin. The formal negotiation of $50 billion dollar have been initiated.

Microsoft has asked Yahoo! to enter formal negotiations for a proposed acquisition worth about $50 billion. Something along the lines of “all your search are belong to us” or “you will be assimilated, resistance is futile” comes to mind regarding this possibility.

However, according to WSJ from gizmodo have reported that Yahoo have turned down the Microsoft's offer due to lack of MS vibe!

According to the WSJ, it looks like Yahoo is going to turn down Microsoft yet again. They claim that Yahoo just wasn't feeling the MS vibe.
And thanks to the reader, only known to us as "Dean", for envisioning what the possible merger could of looked like down the road. Mmmm, pie.– Ben Longo

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