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If you are like me, I'm always looking for the great discounted deals for the products that I need to buy. For you to find the discount, it usually require you to be patient and be willing to wait for the product to be either on sale. Or you can browse on these two sites that I check out everyday to see what are on sale.

For discounted rates, http://www.dealhack.com/ provides searched discount prices online with plain discount or coupon prices on electronic items.

Also, there are popular one item per day deal sites like http://www.woot.com/ which provides discounted prices on random items! You usually need to wait for the product you want to be displayed but again if you don't check them out everyday early, you might miss out on the deal. It is kind of fun to track these items just because you don't know what item will be sold next day.

For other general deals, ebay is another good source. However, ebay is usually not my first choice for shopping because I had been scammed few times and ebay nor paypal were providing me adequate steps to reimburse my losses.

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