Almost nonsense online business which worked!

When I first stumbled upon 10 Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas That Made Someone Rich submitted by Dmitri Davydov in Online Niches, I was amazed how these people made money with their online businesses. Most of them made at least 1 million dollars and lot more with their ideas! I can see that some of those ideas might have worked but I really think it's not as great as I would imagine to be a multi-million dollar business ideas.

1. Million Dollar Homepage
2. SantaMail
3. Doggles
4. LaserMonks
5. AntennaBalls
6. FitDeck
7. PositivesDating.Com
8. Designer Diaper Bags
9. PickyDomains
10. Lucky Wishbone Co.

I'm sure these are something that have worked among lots of online businesses that have failed. Also, owners of these ideas must have worked so hard to get them working. Prop to those owners that have made their business idea working! Someday I wish to have something similar. I just need good ideas. =)

Too bad we don't get to see something like "Totally Stupid Online Business Ideas that didn't work." I'm just interested in what people would consider as their online niche business ideas. Do you have any online business idea? If you do, what are they and how would you rate them?

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