I'm up for gadgets but these are strange even to my standards

I'm always looking for new astonishing gadgets that are developed all over the world. I'm very open minded and acceptable when I find the new gadgets with new concepts. However, the Top 20 Strangest Gadgets and Accessories shows some really weird gadgets even to me! The "1. Synthetic Human Skin Laptop Bags" really freaked me out which you can see why in the attached image on the right...

Here are all 20 listings. For pictures and descriptions, please visit techeblog site for further information.

1. Synthetic Human Skin Laptop Bags
2. Shower Belt
3. Knife Block Shaped Like Human Head
4. BriefSafe
5. RSStroom Reader
6. Touch Rubik’s Cube
7. SatuGO - Bouncing Digital Camera
8. The Head Bath Cap
9. The Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks
10. Radio Toaster
11. Rat Race Clock
12. Headlight LCD Combo
13. Wood LED Clock
14. The Mini Desk
15. Gas Powered Blender
16. Cup Noodle Stove
17. The Baller Cheating Pen
18. Talking Japanese Watches
19. Portable Cardboard Speakers
20. The Talking Lips

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