Joost unlimited!

If you haven't heard, joost is now offering unlimited invitations to the current beta users. Previously, they were only limited to the hand-full of beta users and anyone who wanted to join had to receive limited invitations from current joost beta testers just like that of gmail during it's initial test phase. As of today, joost have removed limitation to amount of invitation that can be given out by current beta testers.

It is like YouTube but with more legal television contents as well as better resolution. According to Joost:

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.

I am fortunate enough to get myself an invitation and have been very pleased with quality of the television that I can see. If you would like to join and require an invitation, please leave me a comment with your email address. I'll send you an invitation as soon as I can.


hannes said...

hi. thank you for offering to send out invites it would be very nice to get one, since i have been looking forward do use joost, since i first heard of it....

thank you in advance.

my email: hannes_eder@web.de


jory said...

awesome! sign me up!


jory said...
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krsna said...

great ..
can u send am an invite to krsna2006@optonline.net

Anonymous said...

Thank you for offering invites! I have been looking everywhere. Would you (or a reader) kindly send an invite to mikiupdown2@gmail.com ?

Thank you,
From Miki.

Bryan said...

Cool service. Glad people are generous enough to share invites with others. If you could, please email me an invite: imahackya@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Joshua said...

I would love to get an invitation.

My email is joshuaabrams@gmail.com. Much appreciated.

Thank you!

Joshua said...

Would love and appreciate an invite.

My email is joshuaabrams@gmail.com

Thank you in advance,


Eduardo said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks! That would be great! Email is SourtiariuS@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Would love to receive an invite to Joost.

My email: rocklord@suddenlink.net


Anonymous said...

please send invite


Thanks in advance!!!!

Ronald said...

please send me an invite:

email: ronaldbeukema@gmail.com

kimebeest said...

I would like an invite please?
send to kimebeest [at] gmail.com

Kofi said...

Can I get a Joost invite too?



Brian Park said...

Hi all,

I am currently at work and I know you guys are eager to get the invitations. So, I will send you guys an invitation as soon as I get home tonight. You should be watching awesome Joost by end of tonight! =)

Anonymous said...

Please send me a Joost invite...

ocdgeek at aol dot com



Anonymous said...

thanks in advance

Bernardo said...

i like the oportunity to try it

can you send me one please


John said...

Thanks in advance. oshellfire@yahoo.com

Brian Park said...

I've sent invitation to John here. Seems like some of you have gotten your invitations already since I was not being able to send you one. If I did miss some of you, please post here again. I'll resend the invitation.

Rock said...

I have been monitoring Joost for the last week or so,and I need a joost so bad!!!!

Please send if you have extra!

Email: rock84 [at] gmail [dot] com

sorry, got to ward off spam robots

krsna said...

thanks brian..
i received the invite and just singed up..

Brian Park said...

no problem krsna.

rock, I tried to send you an invitation but it said either you already signed up or have not valid email... Let me know if you still need invitation.

armando said...

Can I get one too, please..


Anonymous said...

I would like an invite too, please.

email: maxzeller@hotmail.com


Geppino said...

I'd like an invite too.



Tal said...

i would like an invite

email: JubBoy333@gmail.com

sank said...

i am not sure if u even read this.. but it an awesome blog and i would love to get an invite and i really appreciate all your effort ...please send one at sanketan01@yahoo.com thanks ..and even if u choose not to send me one..its ok..no harsh feelings..just have a good day! :-)


Anonymous said...

I would love an invite. Thx


Ingmar said...

Hey Bryan,

I'd also appreciate a joost invitation.

ingmarweber (at) gmail (dot) com



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer!
Here's my email address :
rochonjp (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kye Lewis said...

Hey - an invite for joost would be great - joost@kyelewis.info :D

Modrzew said...

Could you send me an invitation?

modrzew at gmail.com

Thanks in advance ;)

Anonymous said...

may i please have an invite theklobster@hotmail.com