Microsoft on a buying streak

The inquirer.net have published that Ballmer still fancies buying something to expand already a huge company.

THE SHY and retiring, softly spoken, CEO of Microsoft, Steve "sounds of silence" Ballmer has told Reuters that he is still shopping and has not given up hope that he will be able to buy something big quite soon.

The recent decline of Yahoo purchase shows that not that many companies are willing to join Microsoft if they have a choice. The cultural differences (or lack of culture) provided negative views toward Microsoft as a whole, not to mention their actions to seek for dominance in the software and internet market as a whole.

In the past, Microsoft has acquired many companies over past years, where not all of them worked out toward Microsoft's favor. Giant AntiSpyware for example, was a huge failure. Giant AntiSpyware itself was a great company until it got acquired by Microsoft. Now, their defender product shows miserable performance against their competitions.

However, these are risk that Microsoft needs to overcome especially when Microsoft is looking to acquire more companies to obtain instantaneous market share rather then doing their own ground up developments. Now that i think about it, I think it would have worked out better if they did indeed developed their applications ground up with their talented resources... What do you think?

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