More update from duelsBot

Wow, now they put up the duelsBot demo to show how it works!



duelsBot on duels.com

It definitely had been a while since my last post, again! I've been busy with work and got addicted to online RPG game called duels.com! If you don't know or never heard of duels.com go take a look! It's fun and very VERY addictive!

As I mentioned, I want to play but don't really have time to level up and doing all the boring work, I found this site where it provide a automated bot called duelsBot which automate everything (well almost)! You simply configure few things, if you want to customize some actions, and run the duelsBot.

It pick-up all the player in the range and skirmish through them and collect Gold/Tokens/Experiences for you. It even accept and place challenge if you want it to. What's better is that it can place challenge with action if you want it to. Additionally, when you accept the challenge, it auto-detects action (if it is action challenge) and apply the actionset before accepting the challenge! More Gold/Token/Experience for you to spend.

What's more is that you can run it in the background and still use the browser to browse the web in different tab(s)! It's a great time saver and let you enjoy everything else! =)