Want your own startup company?

There are lots of entrepreneurs or ambitious people want to start their own startup company. Most people are stumped with amount of paper work that is required and give up because of the complicated process. Now, here is the solution! All the paper work and everything for you to startup the company can be done from one simple process through online company called http://www.mynewcompany.com/.

According to WorkHappy says:

They really make the entire process painless and transparent. You can easily 'create' a company in about 8-10 minutes online. Collection of necessary data is not really much more difficult than filling out a few online forms - and they've done a great job of explaining things along the way.

In addition to these, you'll need more resources to take care of company operation. You can find essential resources from freelanceswitch.com.

Also, money.cnn.com article 5 ways to start a company (without quitting your day job) shows that you can do this while you keep your day job. Yes, it's going to take some work from your end. However, look at all the benefits including tax shelter you can have from your day job if you don't make extra income as my previous blog Here's how you can pay less tax.

Now you have no excuse for sitting on your couch watching TV because starting a company is hard. =)

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