How to sell technology in future?

I was reading thru some of the key notes from web2.0 Expo and one article pops out! It was "Jane McGonigal (Institute for the Future, Avant Game) - Happiness Hacking".

Future consumers will evaluate technologies on the basis of happiness metrics. Therefore, we should start making technologies that pass "the deathbed test" and improve everyday quality of life. Alternate reality games show the way!

I think there is substantial merit to this statement. Thinking for myself, I always get a huge urge to purchase a new techi items when someone comes up with such a neat features (which alternatively would make me happy if I can get my hand on one). Not like good old days where we needed to fulfill our daily lives for basic needs, our economy is growing endlessly such that people can offer more for less. Meaning that basic needs are being fulfilled for most people and they have luxury to start looking into improvements or comfortable lives. Thus, if the new technologies arrive with something that can make you "happy", wouldn't you buy them?

You can see the presentation from here.

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