Home server round-up

If you are an engineer or cs major, I'm sure you already have or at least thinking of having your own home server. Here are some round-up of how to setup multiple server components in your home computer (or server) that can and will make your life so much easier.

- How to setup personal Wiki using Instiki from Lifehacker
- More advanced Wiki setup with SQL support from Lifehacker
- How to setup personal web server using Apachi from Lifehacker
- Create your own Virtual Private Network using Hamachi from Lifehacker
- How to setup your own FTP server using Serv-U from Lifehacker
- Immetate $600 router with just $60 router using DD-WRT from Lifehacker (more information can be found from DD-WRT wiki page)
- Port forwarding for your router to access your home server
- Controlling your home PC using VPN from Lifehacker
- How to get a free domain name rather then trying to remember your IP address from Lifehacker
- How to host your own webblog from Lifehacker
- You want your home network access secure? Setup your own home ssh server from Lifehacker
- Host your own gallery from home server from Lifehacker
- Install & Configure Apache, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin & WordPress on Windows XP/2000


Mike said...

Hey! Found you! hehe.. I was trolling the linked in site and saw that you had your blog link advertised.. so.. here I am.. :)

I ran a home server for years on a dedicated dual processor linux machine but in the end I gave up and ended up going with DreamHost for my server needs for a very little cost.. In anycase.. just dropping a line here to say "HI" :)

Brian Park said...

Hey Mike! Long time no see. It is good to see fellow friends being able to get to my blog. =)

I'm all for using freewares! Besides, this was about giving guidance to people who want to utilize what they already have. So, tech savvy people can use it as a reference if they would like. =D