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Interview is one the most important thing you have to ace in order for you to obtain the job you want to get. Unless, leisure work is not the only thing that matters to you, probably salary is a big factor in deciding factor specially when you have a family to support.

Before you being on new search, you probably want to find out what you are worth from resources like Indeed.com and Salary.com which offers excellent resource tools to find out what your peers are getting paid in your region. Also, question posted by "Worker Bee" have great advice on How can I find out if I'm really underpaid? The yahoo answer gives following advice:

you might want to read an excellent article by Caroline Levchuk called "How to Determine Your Salary Range." As the article notes, it's important to remember salary ranges vary according to a number of factors, such as company performance and the overall economic picture.

If you do feel you're being underpaid, an essay entitled "How Do I Get a Raise?" may be of help. Career expert Christopher Jones suggests walking into your supervisor's office with plenty of hard proof of your worth: positive emails, assignment lists, and comparative salary research.

If you feel that you are underpaid, you can take a look at Salary Negotiation article and see if you can increase your salary potential at the company you are currently working for.

If you still think you are in need of new career, Hotjobs from Yahoo and Monster site provides great advices and resources getting you prepared as well as offer job postings.

Emurse Blog provides nice Resume Tips and Job Hunting Advice. About.com also offers Job Interview Tips to get yourself prepared.

If you are a hiring manager or someone who conducts interview during hiring process take a look at 10 mistakes managers make during job interviews. There is article on The Most Interesting Resume Bullet You’ve Ever Seen. This article shows that you can have interesting bullet on your resume which can really distinguish yourself from other candidates but it can backfire on you depending how the interviewer reads the point.

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