VIA Technologies are now expanding into Microprocessors

According to the article written in Tech Blorge HP have used VIA's C7-D processor instead of Intel's or AMD's popular processors for the new HP Compaq dx2020 series that will be released within China. The main purpose of HP going with VIA chip-set is because of it's efficiency in order to create the 'green' machine not like power hungry Intel or AMD chip-set.

Although, current VIA processor has very small market share compared to big companies like Intel, AMD, and ATI. However, with synergistic chip-sets like audio controllers, network controllers, CD/DVD writer chipsets, and even low-power CPUs that VIA manufactures, there exists a good opportunities going into the processor market.

In addition, many market segment is heading toward power efficient processor for higher end processors where VIA has a competitive edge. Perhaps in the near future, there might be possibility for VIA to expand it's market not only from China, but toward other countries as well.

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