Understanding Microprocessors

The arstechnica site have very good overview and underlying theories on how microprocessor works. The articles also covers different processor architectures. Here are list of his articles:

Inside the PowerPC 970, Part II (5/2003)
Introduction to 64-bit Computing and x86-64 (3/2003)
Understanding Pipelining and Superscalar Execution (12/2002)
Understanding the Microprocessor (12/2002)
Understanding Bandwidth and Latency (11/2002)
A Brief Look at the PowerPC 970 (10/2002)
The Future of x86 (6/2000)
DNA Computing (4/2000)
Playstation 2's Emotion Engine (3/2000)
HP's Dynamo (3/2000)
Joshua Revealed (2/2000)
Sun's MAJC and IA-64 (8/99)
RISC vs. CISC: The Post-RISC Era (8/99)
Into the K7: introduction to the new architecture (7/99)
The dual Celeron explained (6/99)
Clocking and hacking the BX chipset (6/99)
Behind the benchmarks: SPEC, GFLOPS, MIPS, et al (4/99)
CPU preview for early '99 (1/99)
Understanding CPU caching II (12/98)
Overclocking Myths: of yields and electromigration (12/98)

The KLAT2 Supercomputer (6/2000)
Cooling the BX Chipset (7/99)
The AMD Athlon: Intel's Paranoia Realized (7/99)
SMP smackdown: The God Box vs. the Nerd Box (7/99)
A brief history of clock: Overclocking mechanics (4/99)
SIMD shootout: K6-III vs. Pentium III (4/99)
The PII goes SECC2 (4/99)
Anatomy of a re-marked Pentium II (3/99)
Pentium III: Slot One Battle Royale (2/99)
300A or not 300A? (1/99)
Celeron + Mendocino = Overclocking lust (8/98)
The Pentium Pro: Why it still rocks (11/98)
FAQ: Celeron overclocking (11/98)

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