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Now that I have to work on generation of some web pages, I was looking into using PHP to be used for the site that I'm building. If you have done some scripting/programming before, this seems quite easy. As an added bonus, ZEND Developer Zone put together a great tutorials in PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner as quoted below.

Additionally, there are some tips and tricks listed in the following two articles that you want to take a look at. 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about PHP and 15 Cool Things About PHP That Most People Overlook shows you some mind boggling tips that can help you program PHP. Now go start building your site! =)

PHP 101 (part 1): Down the Rabbit Hole [July 17, 2004]
An introduction to PHP’s variables and operators.

PHP 101 (part 2): Calling All Operators [July 18, 2004]
The rest of the PHP operators (there are many), and simple form processing.

PHP 101 (PART 3): Looping the Loop [July 19, 2004]
Basic control structures explained.

PHP 101 (PART 4): The Food Factor [July 20, 2004]
Arrays, PHP array functions, and what it all means.

PHP 101 (PART 5): Rank and File [July 21, 2004]
Everything you’re ever likely to need to know about dealing with external files from a PHP script.

PHP 101 (PART 6): Functionally Yours [July 28, 2004]
All about functions, arguments, passing by reference, globals and scope.

PHP 101 (PART 7): The Bear Necessities [August 07, 2004]
A gentle introduction to object oriented programming in PHP 4 and PHP 5.

PHP 101 (PART 8): Databases and Other Animals [August 31, 2004]
All about connecting to a MySQL database from PHP, using the mysql or mysqli extensions.

PHP 101 (PART 9): SQLite My Fire! [September 16, 2004]
Introducing another database: SQLite.

PHP 101 (part 10): A Session In The Cookie Jar [October 3, 2004]
Sessions and cookies – how to keep track of visitors to your site.

PHP 101 (part 11): Sinfully Simple [October 3, 2004]
An introduction to PHP’s easiest method for dealing with XML.

PHP 101 (part 12): Bugging Out [January 30, 2005]
Basic error handling.

PHP 101 (part 13): The Trashman Cometh [February 27, 2005]
A primer in basic security.

PHP 101 (part 14): Going to the Polls [March 8, 2005]
Putting the pieces together – a first Web application.

PHP 101 (part 15): No News is Good News [June 4, 2005]
Creating a simple RSS news aggregator.

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