Export all your email to GMAIL!

If you are like me, you would want email client that you are using to have all the functionalities that comes with Gmail. Accessibility from anywhere in the world with internet connection without your own computer. The great search function which provides advance search options as well as search efficiency. There really isn't anything you can hate about Gmail.

Now with some work, you can export all your mails to gmail and enjoy the similar functionalities. There are few tools out there already but Google GMail Loader (GML) is one that is most popular and that works fairly well. There is even Wiki page dedicated to describe how you can port your emails to Gmail using GML from various email client formats. You can take a closer look from How to Import Archived Outlook Email Into GMail Using GML.

GML can port almost all format except for one of the popular MS Outlook format. However, you can port it be first porting them to generic .m format with Thunderbird import function. Or you can use ReadPST in the mean while to get going.

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