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After I have purchased my first PDA (Toshiba e750) back in year 2001, I was real excited about how much my life is going to be more efficient and being able to do all sort of things on the go. Shortly after my purchase, I have come to realization that even with top of the line PDA (at the time), there was so much limitation to PDA which you really cannot use as you would like. I had to make big compromises in order to fit my needs. It definitely was great keeping my calendar schedules and keeping few notes, multi-media functions and mp3 accesses were real drag mostly because of memory limitations and no telephony function. Wi-fi 802.11 access were great but very limited to home use which defeated the purpose of mobile functionality especially when you have access to your home computers. Work use was very limited also due to limited SSH or VPN tunneling provided in PDA OS.

After many years of abandonment, I have started to use my PDA again. Recently, I have noticed a huge price drop in the flash memory cards and release of lots of great free mobile tools! Perhaps you can dig out your old PDA or Smartphones and put them to good use again.

The downloadsquad list out great list in Windows Mobile tools for commuters and travelers - Mobile Minute listing from
all the free tools you need from eBook/RSS feed in news and web sites/Movies/Music/Games! Go check them out!

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