Firefox extension tutorial made easy

If you are like me, I wouldn't go with IE but with Firefox. Firefox has great add-on feature that give simplified access to do customized browser experience. If you ever thought of "I wish that Firefox would do <such and such>", then after going through this tutorial, How to create Firefox extensions, you can at least start thinking of actually making your idea reality.

List of content of the tutorial:
  1. Learn By Example
  2. Hello, world!
  3. Looking inside the XPI
  4. Re-configuring your extension’s installation
  5. Chrome is more than a shiny bumper
  6. Skin that cat
  7. Pack it up and try it out
  8. An easier way to re-build
  9. My Firefox got completely hosed up
  10. Ensure server compatibility
  11. Additonal help and information
  12. Comments / Feedback

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