Entrepreneur bring up?

Article Entrepreneurs are born, but can they be taught? from by Jim Hopkins, USA TODAY, pretty much lays out that large part of taking risk portion is inherited from their parent while there are limited skill sets that you can learn.

The skills that can be learned are as listed below:

Skills. Young ventures, unlike big existing firms, need to be organized from scratch.

Frequency. Students need to know that starting a company isn't as rare as they might think, so they shouldn't be afraid to try.

Opportunity. That means learning to
recognize when you have a great idea — and when you don't. Being the
18th person to open a nail care salon in an already crowded market is a crummy idea.

Which provide fairly good list and those are the items that can be learned from school or through book. In addition, I think the other portion of risk taking, self-drive, and opportunity search can also be taught. It is just matter of how desperate and dedicated each individual is. I believe that Entrepreneurs are self-taught, not borned.

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