Installing DLL in Windows!

The dll-downloads.com have laid out how simple it is to install your DLL files into the windows system! It's so simple and easy to do. Now you can generate custom DLL or open source DLL without hassle and you can have lots of fun with it!

How to install a DLL file in Windows?

1. Uncompress the DLL downloaded file from DLL-Downloads.com to your system32 folder within the Windows folder. [c:\WINDOWS\system32]
2. Click on the Start button, then click the Run... option
3. In the "Open" line, type the following (without quotes) "regsvr32 filename.dll" (replace filename.dll with the actual filename of the file you downloaded), then click the "OK" button.

How to Install a DLL file?

4. If the installation was successful, you should see a message saying that your file was successfully installed/uninstalled.

How to install a DLL file? - Use regsvr32 installation command

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