Easy money through online businesses? Possible but tougher then you think!

As expected, lots of new upcoming so called business models are popping out here and there. There had been lots of success stories with how people had been successful with advertisements. To certain extent it is possible through Google's Ad-Sense services and advertisement services like Text Link Ads types.

I was reading through quite a lot about other people's success stories on how they have made their first million through online advertisement business model. Most of those stories seems to be true. Like any business model, there are many people who are successful while there are many more that are not. Therefore, I think most of the success is heavily depended upon their baseline idea, timing, luck, and their resources.

The NicheGeek.com presents one of the example Why Advertising Isn't A Strong Business Model article by Dmitri Davydov. This article shows that many entrepreneurs are aiming toward pretty much the same thing. Generate an online site which attracts millions of users and generate revenue through advertisement services. I agree with Dmitri in a sense that most people will not succeed. However, I disagree with Dmitri such that most people will fail not because of advertisement revenue based but because of their lack of online popularity that is required to succeed in generating large user base services.

Truemors.com by Guy Kawasaki is one perfect example of these type of business model. Truemors.com had many *MANY* bad reputation on worst site ever built with web 2.0. However, because of popularity of Guy Kawasaki, it was able to generate traffic on Truemors.com which ultimately made it successful.

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