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Friedbeef published great resources to track your career in this web2.0 era. Check out the quote below.
How to Get Ahead: Top 5 Essential Web 2.0 Career Resources

1. How to Compare Salaries


Don’t just wonder if you’re getting a fair deal - now you can find out for yourself. Several websites now specialize in salary reports where you’re able to compare the salary ranges to see what you should be paid.

My favorites? PayScale and SalaryScout - Both offer excellent reports and a good user base to draw information from. WageExchange is another salary site to consider, as rather than aggregating the details, it gives you individual snapshots of a complete pay and benefits package (user identity is masked of course).

2. How to Search Multiple Jobsites at One Go


Job-sites are becoming a dime a dozen these days, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to skim through listings across sites without spending an excessive amount of time doing so. Enter recruit.net, an aggregator which searches, indexes and aggregates listings from job sites, as well as career pages of prominent companies, summarizing search results from all over in a single view.

Currently only works for listings within Asia Pacific, but watch for expansion plans in the future.

3. How to Build a Professional Social Network


LinkedIn has been around for ages, but I have never really gotten into it. Billed as a professional online social network, it isn’t exactly the most exciting social network when you compare it with the likes of Facebook or Myspace. Useful to note though that Linkedin profile pages are indexed in Google, and it may be a good way to showcase yourself to a future employer should they run a quick search on you.

4. How to find extremely niche jobs


If you’re looking to score a niche job, try the job-boards on popular websites. Often overlooked, this can be a great source of jobs you wouldn’t otherwise see advertised in mainstream job sites. Examples of this would be the ProBlogger job boards, where you can get yourself a blogging gig, and CrunchBoard, where you can hook up with web 2.0 industry.

5. How to Discover Your Ideal Company Culture


Pay, benefits, and scope are easily defined, but culture is so much less tangible, and hard to keep a handle on. New job site Jiibe does a magnificent job of matching your needs to a company’s culture.

By asking you a series of questions, it builds up your personality profile by learning more about your current company culture as well as your ideal company culture. You can then find companies which would provide the best possible environment for you to excel.

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