Free online video converters!

Now a days, everyone who is trying to publish online get into this dilemma. Which tools to use to convert the Video such that I can stream over internet or even playable in hand-held units. Now fear not, these five sites can give you free and great converting experiences!

Top 5 Essential Video Converters You Shouldn’t Miss


1. How to convert video formats easily


YouConvertIt is the complete online conversion suite. It converts audio, video, images and documents into an array of formats. It even throws in unit measurement conversion to round it up. It terms of features it is pretty much complete, and the clean user interface makes it a joy to use.

2. How to edit online videos


Cellsea provides a web-based interface to edit online or uploaded videos. Resize, crop, join videos, add audio, convert and download it when you’re all done.

3. How to download purpose specific video conversion software


DVDVideoSoft provides free mini-programs which allow you to do various things like rotate videos, convert them to Flash, change a video in to jpg pictures etc. Extremely useful.

4. How to convert files the professional way


Hey!Watch is a premium video encoding site which supports the basic conversion, but with great bonus features. For example, Hey!Watch allows you to take a link and automatically send the file to your storage space (FTP, Amazon S3 and HTTP server). There is no limit to the file size (which is a stark contrast to the usual 10-50MB limit on most free sites), and you can actually create DVD images with this site.

You can also create podcast feed of your converted videos, meaning you can, for example, add your feed to iTunes, which can then automatically download your converted videos and sync them to your iPod.

It isn’t free but the depth and breath of features cannot be denied.

5. How to convert online videos into XviD format


Youtubehack is a site which allows you to convert online videos from YouTube, Metacafe and the like - into multiple formats, but it is one of the very few sites which allows output into XviD format - which is one of the best compression formats. On the page, it also displays thumbnails of featured videos on Youtube so you can easily find interesting content to download on the spot.

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