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The Unusual Business Ideas That Work put together a 10 Business Blogs You Should Be Reading. If you believe you have ultimate entrepreneur mind I guess you do not need what other people thinks. However, if you still would like to see how minds of some other business people think and act, these would provide you good reading every day. Quote from the blog is listed below:

1. JohnChow.com

Look, John Chow is a marketing fiend. He is genious about promoting his blog and making money from it. This August alone he made over seventeen grand from the blog. And it's not even his major revenue source.

2. Madconomist.com

Madconomist isn't really a business blog. In fact, it's a collection of weird stories that gives you amazing insight into the weird world of economics. It's the only blog that explains why the price of fossilized walrus penis has fallen by 50%, how women are hardwired to prefer pink or learn 237 reasons for sex.

3. Big Damn Blog

John Carlton is one of the world's best direct mail copywriters. He is known as the best marketer of golf-related stuff and the co-author of Operation Moneysuck concept.

4. The Gary Halbert Letter

Unfortunatelly Gary has died earlier this year. However, his newsletter archive is still online. I suggest you read first newsletters first (scroll down). It's one of the most insightful and enjoyable business blogs you'll ever get to read (if you don't know who Gary Halbert is or rather was - just google his name).

5. Uncommon Business Blog

This blog collects stories of unusual businesses. Some are pretty wacky. Every day there is a new post.

6. Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing has excellent podcast section that features folks like Seth Godin or Scott Ginsberg, as well as some new lesser known marketers.

7. John Jeese's Blog

Hey, it's the third John I recommend you read. What's that about Johns and internet marketing?

8. Bob Bly's Blog

Robert Bly is a copywriter as well. I like his no-nonsense-show-me-the-money approach to creating killer sales pitches and web copy. Oh, and his rants on brands and branding are awesome.

9. Domain Name Blog

This one is fairly new, but I like reading about domain names as a business and this is a great source for such information.

10. Niche Geek

Another great blog that specifically targets niche businesses. Some great articles are "The Psychology of the $14,000 Handbag", "Why You Are A Fool If You Believe In Coming Web 2.0 Crash" and "Is Hef really having a better time at the Playboy Mansion than you are at home?"

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